Ok, so we need to grow more food in cities, but how do we go about it?

     The first step is to find space for the farms. What better than abandoned basements? Councils have plenty of them that have become headaches rather than assets; isn't it beautiful transforming the very spaces for cars into spaces for food? Spaces which will allow us to depend less on cars as the food lays at a stone's throw. This will help us reverse that awful trend that pushed farms away from the cities.

     The second step is choosing what to grow. To be efficient, We want to work with nature, not against it, so the question is: What would grow in a dark, cold and humid space?

     Well, it only makes sense. This is the ideal environment for growing mushrooms. Fungi will be happy down there.

Mushroom Cycle.png

     Mushroom are the fruits of some Fungi, organisms that live in the soil decomposing organic matter. They are great recyclers, true alchemists, as they are able to convert waste into food and nutrient rich soil, the type of soil needed to grow great vegetables.

     A Fungus grows on a substrate (soil, straw, coffee grounds, newspaper, etc) where conditions are good for it. Once on this substrate, it starts to spread its mycelium under the surface to connect with the organic matter which will feed it, and eventually grows mushrooms, which will release spores to reproduce itself and start the cycle again.



Mushrooms Farms in London


We are preparing a Mushroom farm in London.

     We will start producing around 750kg of Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms per month at the beginning, but if the acceptance is good, there is a big potential for expansion.

      Following our desire of applying Urban Metabolism, we will work with coffee shops to get their waste: Coffee Grounds. After this input, we get two outcomes: Mushrooms and quality soil. The mushrooms go to citizens, and the soil to anybody in need of soil for their plants.

     This is just a small example of all the amount of food that London should be producing in unsuspected spaces lying around the city.