We are a young Urban Farming Company operating in London and trying to convert unused spaces into farms, to produce as much food as possible within the city limits

      Our aim is to change the Food System, to bring up a food system with the interests of the people and the planet at its core


     We want to make the right food choice available, desirable and transparent for people living in cities, and educate both children and adults about the reasons for it

     We want A Good Food System for cities, a food system that actually makes the environment and consumers healthier, the cities resilient, and the communities stronger.

     And we wish to accomplish that by growing food in cities

     With Urban Farms we can reconnect citizens with the food they eat, and educate adults and their children about what constitutes a good diet for both environment and people

     We want a food system by the people for the people, farms built by people to feed people in a responsible manner


        Our team currently includes the following members:

Alexandro Rizzo

     Third-year student of biochemistry at the University of York, taking gap time from studies to set up the company after being invited to take part of the Accelerate Programme at Cambridge University in 2013. Previous experience involved importing cars between Spain and Germany or setting up a gardening company,Chlorophilia, in Spain (2010). Passionate about food and sustainability issues for the last four years, has taken part in multiple food growing experiences, setting up Edible Uni soc at York University in 2013. Interested as well in synthetic biology, he is a founder member of the gold medal winning team at European iGEM jamboree from the University of York in 2013. Extremely curious and interested in almost everything, loves travelling, practising sports and cooking.


Cesar Rizzo

     Sports Science Bsc(Hons) graduate (2000, University of La Coruña) and Advanced Expert in Dietetics (La Coruña, 2003). Has been woking in Emergency Services for the last 13 years, while on-going formation in sustainability, Permaculture, food production and natural building. With great passion for sports, outdoors, cooking and ecology.


Federico Chiabrando

     Biological Science graduate from the University of Ferrara with a focus on organic production and renewable resources, with a 2-year specialization on Applied Ecology. Working experience on Bioplanet, gaining expertise on biological pest and fungal control. Set up own consultancy company, Biological systems, in Cyprus assisting farmers on sustainable solutions (2011-present). Passionate about providing low environmental impact solutions for the food growing industry.

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